Average Honeymoon Costs: How Much You Should Expect to Pay

For planning purposes, many newlyweds want to know how much a nice honeymoon should cost.  The truth is, the average price is typically between $4,000 and $6,000 but heavily depends on several components that contribute to the total cost.


Plane Tickets and Hotel

Your honeymoon destination plays a major factor in the cost of a flight.  For example, a honeymoon to Hawaii or Bora Bora will cost more since the average plane ticket is typically higher than say a ticket to Mexico (as much as $1000 more).  The remote locations of those places make travel slightly more difficult and higher fuel costs are passed through to the passenger.

Hotels are typically the most expensive component on a honeymoon.  The average nightly rate ranges from $150 a night to $350, but can shoot upwards of $1000 at select luxury resorts.  One tip to minimize these costs would be to ask the hotel if they offer discounted rates in exchange for prepaid nights.  This usually represents a win-win for both you and the hotel.  The hotel would get a guaranteed reservation (but is non-refundable) and you would get a discount between 10-20%.

Destination Costs

Some places are more expensive than others.  For example, Puerto Rico is one of the more inexpensive tropical destinations you can travel to.  The island contains many national hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood.  The presence of these popular hotel chains helps international travelers find affordable nightly rates with the assurance they are staying at a clean and reputable organization.

On the contrary, Bora Bora is one of the most expensive honeymoon destinations.  The long flight (10+ hours) translates into higher plane tickets.  Also, the remote location of this tropical island drives up supply costs which are eventually passed on to tourists.

Length of the Honeymoon

The total number of nights you spend on your honeymoon is an obvious driver of cost.  Not only do hotel expenses increase for each additional night you stay, but other expenses such as food and activities go up as well.

The key is to discuss with your partner the desired length of your honeymoon.  Would 5 nights be plenty?  Or, do you have the funds to stay 10 nights?

The average length of a honeymoon is 5 nights.  Trips to exotic places such as Hawaii and Bora Bora would certainly warrant a longer honeymoon to justify the additional travel time to and from the destination.  In this case, staying 7 nights would certainly be reasonable.


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