List of the Most Romantic Things to do that are Affordable on your Honeymoon

Are you a newly married couple looking for some great honeymoon ideas and tips?  No matter if you’re in the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Mexico or some other tropical destination, read the list below for some of the top romantic ideas that will ensure an intimate experience!

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Imagine sailing on the ocean while the sun descends across the horizon.  There’s just something about being out on the water overlooking the coast that is more romantic than anything else.  Hold your partner close and toast to the good life as the evening stars light up the sky!

Many of the top honeymoon destinations offer sunset dinner cruises.  Ask your hotel concierge for what’s available and try making a reservation a few days in advance for the best seating.

Watch the Sunset on a Beach

For a simple yet effective romantic idea, grab a spot on the beach and watch a colorful sunset.  Be sure to bring a blanket, a light sweater, and a good bottle of wine and enjoy a relaxing evening in the arms of your new life companion!

Massage & Spa

Indulge yourself with the relaxation of a treated massage and spa experience.  A couple’s massage is one of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company.  Many tropical destinations give massages on the beach or on a hotel’s property overlooking the water.  The soothing sound of the ocean in the background combined with the gentle breeze across your body is an experience you don’t want to pass up!

Order Flowers

Alright guys, to get straight to your wife’s heart right off the bat, coordinate with your hotel to have flowers to be scattered in your hotel room and specifically on the bed.  Many hotels will honor such a request for a honeymoon.  Some will charge a nominal fee and others will do it as nice gesture.  This is one of the quickest ways to your wife’s heart that will start your honeymoon off right!

Dinner on the Beach

Many restaurants offer romantic dining on the beach.  These restaurants are typically upscale which mean the meal can be a little pricey, however, if you’re lucky enough to find one of these restaurants, the unique experience is well worth any cost; let’s face it, how often can you say you have dined on a beach!

Dinner on Hotel Balcony

Does dinner on the beach fall outside your budget?  If so, a fairly inexpensive dinner idea for two is dinner on your hotel balcony.  The food can be ordered through room service and delivered to your door.  Purchase a nice bottle of wine and set up the table on your balcony and you’re all set for a very intimate evening.

Swing on a Hammock

Hammocks are prevalent on tropical islands – especially Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Bora Bora.  Resorts typically have a couple on the grounds for guest use.  In the evenings, grab some wine and two cups and enjoy a quiet and relaxing starlit sky.

Walk on the Beach

A long walk on the beach is one of the most simple and inexpensive honeymoon ideas out there.  Walk hand in hand with your partner and enjoy the simple things in life.



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